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Know Your Rights!

In the state of Connecticut as the vehicle owner, you have the right to choose the body shop that will be overseeing the entire process and handling your vehicle’s repairs. 

We encourage you, the customer, to acknowledge this right and to resist any specific or implied requirement by your insurance company to utilize their recommended repair shop.

Beware of any insurance company or insurance appraiser:
  1. Requiring you to bring your damaged vehicle to a specified drive-in claims facility or repair shop for an appraisal or repairs; or
  2. Stating that choosing the repair facility of your choice will result in delays or a lack of guarantee for repair work. 

This practice is illegal under Connecticut Law (CGS 38a-354)
Insurance companies utilize direct repair networks to save money- often at your expense. As a result, Connecticut enacted a law prohibiting insurers and appraisers from forcing consumers to use their direct repair program for appraisals or repairs. Insurers are likewise prohibited from misleading or attempting to scare consumers into using their direct repair program by, for example, stating that using a non-affiliated shop will somehow result in delays or a lack of guarantee. 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vs Aftermarket: Understanding the Difference
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made and certified by the manufacturer of your vehicle. They are tested in quality, safety, fit and functionality to ensure that they meet all standards and requirements.

​Aftermarket: Aftermarket parts are not certified by the manufacturer of your vehicle and are an imitation of the OEM parts. They are not held to the same standards of quality and safety and are therefore not recommended. Using aftermarket parts can also void the warranty on your vehicle.